See what our new laser cutting machine can do…

Our team at Metals2Go is very excited to announce that we have made a new purchase of a high tech laser cutting machine.  Now we can cut shapes and signs from sheets with even more intricate outlines. So now when you order your sheet metal online we can cut out numbers or letters for house names or business signs.  Our specialist metal engineers can cut out the shapes and designs you have created.  What’s more they are looking forward to using this new machine to fulfil your online metal order, so do send us your designs soon so we can get cutting!

How will the new laser cutting machine benefit my sheet metal online order?

You might be surprised by the number of requests we have received to cut different shapes and designs out of sheet metal orders.  Whilst we have always offered a free cutting service, we were previously limited to standard shaped cuts such as smoothing corners or simply cutting sheet metal into a different length or width.  Reacting to customer demand we now have the ability to cut all kinds of shapes and designs.

We often get requests from landscape architects or designers for unique designs to be used as part of water features or bespoke designed screens for modern gardens.  Equally some of our interior design customers and kitchen fitters are looking for unusual shapes for modern kitchens or office designs or even for making furniture.  We can also cut detailed shapes to make numbers and letters for signage outside the front of your building or home.

How do I send my cutting design?

To order your sheet metal online, with a request for a specific design cut, simply follow the usual process of selecting the size and type of metal you require on Then add a note into the cutting requirements box about the shape you are looking for.  If this is fairly straightforward you can just add the measurements and details in this box, as you would have done previously.  However if the design is more intricate then just make a note in the cutting requirements box that you will be sending an email with the full design details. For more intricate parts a CAD drawing may be appropriate. You can send your design to, where one of our metal engineers will collect it and then contact you if they have any questions.  We look forward to receiving your different designs for us to cut out with our new laser cutting machine.

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