Exciting new DIY project but where can I buy metal online?

Many of our customers are working on a DIY project or self-build or landscape garden.  At Metals2Go we make it very easy for anyone looking to buy metal for any project - large or small, to purchase the metal they need online.  In this age where the internet rules our lives, it still might not have occurred to you that you could buy metal online.  Whilst we all purchase items from the big online retailers on a regular basis, we don’t always think about buying raw materials via a website.  No more need to drive around dusty warehouses to find what you are looking for.  At Metals2Go we have a wide range of metals in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the needs of your project.  What’s more it really is easy to order online - you don’t need a qualification in IT to navigate our website - it is really very straight forward.  In fact why don’t you take a look for yourself https://metals2go.co.uk.

Do you need advice about what metal to buy online?buy metal online

If you are not quite sure which metal you need to buy for your project, take a look at the description for each of the metals on our website.  You can select from aluminium, corten, galvanised steel, mild steel, stainless steel or zinc.

To help you decide on the metal you need consider some of the following questions…

  • Will you be using the metal outside?
  • If so do you want it to oxidise as part of the design or be corrosion free?
  • Do you want the final piece to be shiny?
  • Are you going to paint it?
  • If it is to be used inside - is it for structure, practical use or simply for effect?
  • Does the surface need to be used for activities where a sterile environment is required - such as in a kitchen or laboratory?

buy metal onlineThese are just a few questions to help you work out which metal you need for your DIY, landscape design or home extension. Have you considered what size metal you need?  Don’t worry we can also cut it for you - a service we offer our customers free of charge on our range of sheet metal products.  Simply enter the cutting size requirements and information when you order.

If your order is over £75 you will also be entitled to free delivery, saving you the bother of working out when you can pick it up.

For more information about our online metal store and how to buy metal online, get in touch today.

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