What exactly is Corten and where should I use it?

Corten from Metals 2 GoCorten is mostly used for external applications, often by landscape designers or architects looking for a modern yet rustic style.  It is ideal for using outside as it is a corrosion resistant weathering steel. This means it is a steel sheet, which you can purchase from Metals2Go, which is durable and long lasting.  The ‘weathering’ describes the oxidation that occurs with corten when subjected to the natural elements. If it is used without being painted or coated, the surface will develop a layer of oxidation.  This has two benefits;

  • the oxidation gives continual protection to the surface
  • it creates an orange/brown rustic appearance which is popular with designers, landscapers and architects alike

How does the surface of Corten change in appearance?

The reason the oxidation occurs on the surface of corten is due to the presence of the elements of nickel, copper and chromium.  When left exposed to the outside atmosphere, together these elements form a continuously regenerating skin across the surface of the corten metal sheet, which visually gives the appearance of a rusty layer.

What does the Corten look like when it is delivered?

At Metals2Go we store the Corten metal sheets in a warehouse away from the elements, so when it is delivered to you it will be in its original natural form, without any signs of oxidation.  It is only once you leave the corten sheet outside and subject to external weather and atmosphere that the oxidation will occur.

For which applications can you use Corten sheets?

Metals2Go supply corten sheets for a range of uses.  Predominantly our customers use corten metal sheets for garden projects involving screens or dividers for making planters. However, corten sheeting is also favoured by architects looking to make a statement with cladding or other structural designs.  However, if you are considering using Corten sheeting for its strength rather than its visual appeal, you might be interested to know that you easily can weld and paint our corten sheets too.

What size are the Corten sheets from Metals2Go?

Corten Weathering SteelYou can select the size of the corten sheet you require very easily on our website. Metals2go supply Corten sheets in 5 choices of thickness ranging from 1.5 to 6.0cm and three different length and width dimensions.  Our metal engineers are also very happy to cut your metal sheet to the size you require for your project. The good news is that our cutting service is actually free of charge.  Simply add your cutting requirements in the box provided after you have selected the dimensions that work for your applications.

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