How Easy Is It To Buy Corten Steel?

An Introduction to Corten

At Metals 2 Go one of the many metals we supply is Corten.  It is a popular type of corten steelmetal used predominantly outside, particularly in the building design and construction industry as well as garden landscaping and garden furniture.  The staff at Metals 2 Go have the experience and expertise as metal engineers to cut the metal you require to the exact size to fit your project or design.

Why use Corten and what is it?

corten steelFor those not familiar with the metal Corten, it is what is also known as a ‘weathering steel’.  Corten is composed of a number of steel alloys, which when exposed to the outside elements over a period of years oxidises to form a protective layer over the metal.  The elements of nickel, copper and chromium cause this oxidisation.  The name Corten actually originates from the description of this type of steel ‘Corrosion resistance & tensile strength’.

What you need to know about Corten and when to use it

As mentioned above Corten is predominantly used outside.  It is chosen because it is strong and durable and has a highly decorative finish.  As a result it is favoured by architects for use on buildings and claddings and also for making garden planters and other garden accessories.  Although the steel alloys within Corten mean there is no need corten steelfor it to be painted, it is possible and indeed easy to paint this metal if your design required. It can also be easily welded if your creation needs you to join pieces together.  Just because it is favoured by architects and landscape gardeners, it does not mean it can’t be used inside as well.  Using it inside will mean it is not open to the elements so will not oxidise on the surface, which means it will retain its original appearance.  Our staff at Metals 2 Go are always happy to provide advice about our bespoke service and guide you to the best metal for your project and your budget.  Metals 2 Go pride ourselves on our good service promising high levels of customer satisfaction.

At Metals 2 Go you can order your Corten online via our website, or you can contact us by completing the contact form for more information. Alternatively, you can place your order over the telephone by calling us on 0800 8089119 or you can email us at

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