20% off Galvanised Sheet Metal

Here at Metals2Go, we might not have the madness of Black Friday or January Sales, but galvanised sheet metalwe can offer you a great opportunity to buy your sheet metal at a discount.  Currently we can offer you 20% off your galvanised sheet metal, mild steel sheet metal and zinc sheet metal, so make sure you make the most of this discount and get your galvanised sheet metal or other sheet metal orders in soon.

More information about galvanised sheet metal from Metals2Go

Metals2go provides customers with a handy online metal store, so you can order your metals at a time that suits you, whether on site, at the office or from your sofa.  If you are looking for galvanised sheet metal you will see that is it available in seven different thicknesses ranging from the thinest at 0.6mm to the thickest at 3.0 mm.  You can also select from six different size options depending on what width and length you require.

At Metals2Go we also supply galvanised metal in other formats as well as sheet metal.  You can purchase galvanised steel as building struts, tubes and weld mesh.  Galvanised metal is mild steel covered with a zinc coating.  The steel is passed through a bath of molten zinc.  This process, known as galvanising, protects the metal from corrosion meaning it is resistant to rust and oxidation as a result of exposure to the outside elements.  As with uncoated steel, galvanised sheet metal can be welded, although caution should be exercised around zinc fumes.

For more information about galvanised sheet metal and other galvanised metal products take a look at the relevant product page https://metals2go.co.uk/product-category/galvanised/.

Applications for galvanised sheet metal

Due to the protected nature of galvanised sheet metal, it is most frequently used in applications where it is subject to natural elements, such as in fabrications, automotive construction and outside structures.  Galvanised sheet metal has what is widely described in the metal industry as a ‘spangle’ effect on the surface, which is a type of crystallisation pattern.  This pattern is a result of the galvanising process.  Some clients or designers select galvanised sheet metal because of this effect, which enhances some designs and can be a feature in itself.

In fact if your particular design requires some intricate cutting we can also provide that service for you, using our new laser cutting machine.  Simply provide us with the design either in the cutting requirements box on your order, by email or if particularly intricate or complex via a CAD design file.  We look forward to helping you with your galvanised sheet metal requirements.

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