Metal Store For All Your Metal Needs

What do you imagine when you think of the words ‘metal store’?  Do you think of a shop full of metal or a cupboard with shelves of metal sheets maybe?  The Metals2Go metal store is a large warehouse dedicated to the stocking of metals to supply to our customers across the UK. When ordering metals online from an online metal store customer expect that the product they have selected will be in stock and that delivery will be imminent.  That is exactly what we are aiming to achieve at Metals2Go - we really do have ‘metals to go’.

Which metals can I buy from the Metals2go metal store?

Metals2Go offers customers a range of metals, available as sheets, bars, tubes, tread plates, metal storeweld mesh and more.  You will find our website is easy to navigate and you will soon find the metal you are looking for to meet the requirements of your project, just take a look at  The metals we supply are aluminium, corten, galvanised steel, mild steel, stainless steel and zinc.  All these are available in a range of thicknesses, widths and lengths, so just select the size that best suits your needs before you add it to your basket.

More than just a metal store

Whilst the aim of Metals2Go is to provide an easy way for customers to order metals online from our website metal store, we offer more than just delivery of your chosen metal product. Our expert metal engineers can cut your metal sheets to the size and shape you require so you can simply start using the product for your application straight away.  After you have selected the nearest size and thickness of sheet you require, just fill in the box entitled ‘cutting requirements’.  If your cutting requirements are relatively simple and straight forward, you will be able to add them to this box.  However, as we now have a laser cutting machine we are also able to offer more intricate and complicated designs and cuts.  If your requirements are complex then please send us an email with the cutting requirements or alternatively we can also work from CAD design packages.  Just add a note in the cutting requirements box that you will send us the details for the cutting separately.

metal storeThe good news is that our cutting service is free of charge so it will save you time and money when you buy your pre-cut metal sheets from the Metals2Go metal store.  Currently we have a sale of 20% off all mild steel sheets, galvanised sheets and zintec sheets, so place your order soon to take advantage of this offer. For more information about our metal store, get in touch today.

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