Metal supply is easy online

metal online

Metal supply is easy online

Metal supply might not be something you have considered before if you are just embarking on a new home improvement or DIY project. If you are suddenly confronted with the need to source metal, but you are not sure where to go and you don’t have time to drive around local suppliers then Metals2Go can provide you with the solution.  Buying metal online could not be easier.  The Metals2Go website does exactly what it says - allows you to select metals which then get delivered to your door.  Our website is very easy to navigate making metal supply easier than ever .  If you are a seasoned metal buyer because your business is helping other people with their home improvements, such as a builder or landscape designer etc, then we can support you too, as this customer suggests:

metal supply online

“Perfect for my Business requirements. Delivered Angle and Sheet straight to site, next day! Very good service and will use again.”

Our professional metal engineers can cut your order to meet your requirements, saving you having to cut to size on site. What’s more is that our cutting service is free.

Not just sheet metal supply

If you have not visited our website yet you might be under the misconception that we only supply sheet metal.  This is not the case, in fact, we supply metal in a wide range of formats from tread plates to tubes, and bars and box sections to building struts plus more besides.  Simply select the type of metal you require and then the format and sizes - it really is that easy.  At Metals2Go we believe in keeping it simple and straightforward so you know exactly what you are getting.  You can select the thickness and dimensions of the metal you require then just enter any cutting requirements into the box and add it to your basket.

What type of metals do you supply?

Metals2Go supply a range of metals depending on the application you are using it for.  If you are looking for metal to be used outside you may need something resistant to the elements or you might be looking for that distinct rust effect.  For internal metal work, you may be looking for a shiny, cosmetic appearance or metal for a sterile environment.  You can select from the following metals to suit your particular project requirements:

If your order is over £75 then delivery is free - right to your door.  We look forward to helping you with your metal supply no matter how small your order is.

Visit our website or get in touch today to know more about the products we offer.

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