Looking for metal supply? Check out Metals2Go…

Are you looking for an easy way to order your metal supply?  Do you prefer your metal to be cut by experts?  Are you hoping for excellent service when you purchase your metal?  Whatever your project or enterprise, domestic or business, Metals2Go provides a range of metal choices to small and medium-sized customers UK wide.  Buying in your metal supply has never been so easy and you could even potentially have it delivered on site the next day.

Why use Metals2Go for your metal supply?

Metals2Go stock a wide range of metals in a variety of formats and sizes allowing you to select the metal you require to suit your DIY project or client specifications.  However, aside from the range of metals that you can buy online from Metals2Go and the speed of delivery, our metal engineers are particularly excited about our new laser cutting machine.  You may already be aware that at Metals2Go we offer our customers a free cutting service on all sheet metals.  Now we can provide a much more intricate cutting service rather than just cutting metal sheets to size.

Can you cut my metal supply into a specific shape?

Metal Cutting with your Metal SupplyWith our new hi-tech laser cutting machine, the experienced metal engineers at Metals2Go can now provide a much more detailed cutting service.  The new laser cutting machine enables our cutting experts to cut out bespoke shapes, letters and numbers from our range of sheet metals.  We can cut out house names and numbers or make giant letters or cut bespoke shapes according to your design specifications.  So get creative and send us your designs - we can work from CAD drawings for those more intricate or complicated layouts.  Designers can make complicated shapes and patterns for those feature walls or water features or just as a piece of art in the garden.  Or perhaps you have designed a new set of furniture you are in the process of making, which requires some unusual shapes for the chair backs?  Whatever your application you can trust us and our metal engineers to cut your metal order to suit your design however simple or complicated.

What is your metal supply list?

Our Metal Supply ListMetals2Go offer the following metals for purchase online via our website:

  • Aluminium
  • Corten
  • Galvanised steel
  • Mild steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Zinc

To find out more about each of these metal types read about their application see the specific metal page.

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