Metal tubes available online

Metal tubes available online

Are you looking to source metal tubes for a DIY project in your home or some exciting new metal tubesdesign in your garden? Or maybe you are the designer and you need metal tubes for a client’s commission?  Whatever the reason that you are looking to buy metal tubes, you will be happy to know that you have found the right place!  Metals2Go supply a range of metals online including metal tubes.  Just check out the selection on our website

What type of metal tubes can I order from Metals2Go?

We supply a range of types of metal tubes to suit your requirements, depending on whether it is for interior or exterior use and how important strength is in your metal tube.  Below we have outlined the range of metal tubes available and their application;

  • Mild steel tube - if you are looking to paint your metal tube for your particular application, then mild steel tubes can easily be painted using metal paint. They can also be welded, cut and drilled.  Typical applications are in construction, frames and furniture.  To extend the life of a mild steel tube you can spray it with zinc spray available in our accessories section.
  • Galvanised steel tube - this is a mild steel tube which has then been treated by hot dip coating the product with zinc, which protects against rust. This makes it ideal for exterior use with typical applications being handrails, frames and posts. They also can be used with tube clamps.
  • Aluminium tube - as you would expect with an aluminium product, this tube is lightweight but very strong. It is supplied in grade 6082, which can be drilled and welded with the correct equipment.  Typical applications are for garden and general building products.  Aluminium tubes are also ideal for frames.
  • Stainless steel tube - as a standard this is supplied in grade 304, however, we can also supply grade 316 for an even better corrosion resistance. It has a bright polished finish and can be welded and drilled with the appropriate equipment. Typical applications are for cosmetic use both for interior and exterior projects where resistances to tarnish and rust are required

What size are the metal tubes I can order online?

metal tubes diameterOnline at Metals2Go you can purchase metal tubes from 1 metre in length to 6 metres.  Metal tubes also come in a range of thicknesses which you can easily select as part of the order process. When considering the thickness of the metal tube you require please note that measurements listed are the outside diameter.  If you wish to know the dimensions for the inside diameter it is simply the outside measurement minus the thickness you have selected.


Please see our website for more details on specific sizes.


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