Steel Angle for Sale

Did you know that you can buy a mild steel angle from Metals2Go from as little as £3.05? steel angle for sale Buying metals online need not be as expensive as you expected - it just depends on what size you are looking for and how much you require.  Metals2Go employs metal engineers with experience, extensive knowledge and expertise in metals to ensure we can provide our customers with the metal required to meet their design or construction project’s needs. Take a look at our website for further details on the metal products you can purchase  You will find steel angle under the mild steel tab.

What is hot rolled steel angle?

steel angle for saleHot rolled steel angle is another name for mild steel angle. Hot rolling relates to the process by which the steel is manufactured.  As the name suggests the steel is rolled at a high temperature, usually over 1700°F. This is above the steels recrystallisation temperature, which means it can be easily manipulated into the shape or form required, in this case steel angle.  At this stage in the manufacturing process, hot rolled or mild steel angles will have a rough or what is known as a ‘mill’ finish, which looks a little bit scaly. In order to improve the feel and look of the finish the steel angle is then put in an acid bath.  This part of the process removes the scale and is sometimes referred to as pickling. After this a layer of oil is applied, to protect the surface from oxidisation caused by exposure to moisture and external elements.

Application of a mild steel angle

Mild steel in its various forms; flat bars, tubes, box section, round bar, sheet, treadplate, weld mesh and as we have talked about above, angle, can be used for a variety of applications. Mild or hot rolled steel metal is commonly used in making furniture, domestic appliances and on building or construction sites.  It is much favoured for structural applications and welds well using standard welding techniques. This type of steel will also take paint well once it has been cleaned, but it will rust if it is not treated.

Steel angles, also sometimes called ‘L- brackets’ are frequently used on construction projects, used for reinforcing walls in both small and large buildings.  Steel angles are very strong, which is why this is a popular application for them. They are normally either drilled or welded in place.

To order your steel angle just select the thickness, length and angle size you require and then add it to your basket and checkout. Get in touch with us for more information on steel angle.

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