Weld Mesh available from our metal shop

Weld Mesh available from our metal shop

weld meshAt Metals2go we supply a range of metals from our online metal shop.  Weld mesh is one of the metal options we offer.  You can choose from copper washed or self coloured weld mesh, galvanised weld mesh or stainless weld mesh.  Weld mesh has a number of different applications and Metals2go have customers who use weld mesh for a variety of projects both in their own gardens/homes or as part of a business development.  Let’s look at the different types of weld mesh available from our online metal store…

Copper washed/self coloured weld mesh

Where is copper washed/self coloured weld mesh used?

This type of weld mesh can be used for fencing, guards, enclosures and security products.  Examples of where customers have used copper washed/self coloured weld mesh is for security fencing, warehouse separation, animal enclosures and safety guards.

How is copper washed/self coloured weld mesh made?

It is made from round wire which is then spot welded together to make either a square or rectangular pattern.  To help with the welding process a micro layer of copper wash is applied.

This weld mesh can easily be cut and welded with appropriate equipment.

Galvanised weld mesh

Where is galvanised weld mesh used?

As a galvanised product this ideal for external use, in particular fencing, cages and partitions.

How is galvanised weld mesh made?  weld mesh

Zinc is applied to prolong the life of this product.  To maintain galvanised weld mesh a zinc spray can also be purchased from Metals2go.

Stainless weld mesh

Where is stainless weld mesh used?

Stainless weld mesh is used where a resistance to corrosion is required or a good cosmetic finish is desired.

How is stainless weld mesh made?

It is manufactured from grade 304

What size weld mesh is available at Metals2go?

Weld mesh is available in sheets of 2440mm x 1220mm.  However you can also select the thickness you require and the size of the aperture hole as shown in the diagram.

For more information on specific sizes see our webpage https://metals2go.co.uk/product-weld meshcategory/weld-mesh/.

Metals2go has a large factory with stocks of a variety of metals and weld mesh to meet our customers needs, regardless how big or small your order.  Our expert metal engineers can cut your weld mesh sheets to the size you require at no extra cost to you.  If your order is over £75 your delivery will also be free.

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